"Scared" Pep Guardiola chased by fan on bike demanding "let me get a picture"

Pep Guardiola has been filmed being chased on a bike while being repeatedly asked for a selfie.

Stunning video footage has emerged of the Manchester City manager riding through Manchester city centre on Sunday night where he found himself in a strange altercation. The 51-year-old’s mellow evening cycle took a bizarre turn when a crazed fan spotted him in the distance.

The fan in question raced to catch up to Guardiola in a side-road next to the Revolution bar on Parsonage Gardens. He could be heard yelling: “Pep let me get a picture bro, yo. Oi Pep. You man need to see this bro.”

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After repeatedly be shouted at for a picture, Guardiola suddenly hopped off his bike and faced his pursuer, who continued to plead: “Yo Pep, why you running off G. Just let me get a picture.”

The Spaniard, dressed in his customary attire of chinos and a white polo shirt, turned around and appeared to say something before nervously picking up his bike. He looked particularly shaken as the footage skipped several seconds to show the fan arguing over “just wanting a picture”.

One Twitter user said the ex-Barcelona boss looked "scared".

The man then turned to the camera as he attempted to simulate taking a selfie with a thumbs up. But the four-time Premier League-winning manager remained frosty and refused a fist-bump, before giving the fan a cold stare as he moved his bike along out of shot.

It came on the same day that Man City unveiled new transfers Erling Haaland, Stefan Ortega and Julian Alvarez in front of their fans outside the Etihad Stadium. Guardiola will hope to put Sunday evening’s unnerving incident behind him ahead of City’s return to training on Monday.


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