Spain FA president ‘faces 15-year ban’ if he doesn’t resign this week over kiss

Royal Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales is facing a potential ban of up to 15 years from sport if he does not resign from his position this week. The disgraced 46-year-old caused a major stir last Sunday when he shockingly planted a kiss on the lips of Spain’s Jenni Hermoso as La Roja collected their medals in Australia after beating England 1-0.

He also grabbed his crotch as he celebrated the result following the full-time whistle.

Now FIFA are looking into the events that took place as they prepare to act accordingly but the RFEF have also launched their own formal investigation.

Victor Francos, who is Spain’s secretary of sport and the president of his nation’s sports council (CSD) wants the process to be wrapped up by Monday.

Should they determine that they can raise a case with Spain’s Administrative Court for Sports (TAD) – there cope be scope to impose a hefty ban against Rubiales that could last between two and 15 years.

Rubiales had initially claimed those scrutinising his action were “idiots” and “stupid people”.

But the continued backlash eventually saw the shamed chief issue a formal apology which has not put the issue to bed.

Spain’s acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez says the apology was simply not adequate.

“What we saw was an unacceptable gesture,” Sanchez said earlier this week.

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“Rubiales’ apologies are not enough, I even think they are not adequate. He has to continue taking steps to clarify what we all saw.

“The players did everything to win but Rubiales’ behaviour shows that there is still a long way to go for equality.”

The Spanish Football Federation will hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the future of Rubiales, who is reportedly refusing to resign.

Hermoso has since issued a brief statement that read: “My FUTPRO union, in coordination with my TMJ agency, are taking charge of defending my interests and being the interlocutors on this matter.”

FUTPRO have also posted a statement of their own, writing: “From our association we ask the Royal Spanish Football Federation to implement the necessary protocols, ensure the rights of our players are upheld and adopt exemplary measures.

“It is essential that our team is represented by figures who project their values of equality and respect in all areas.

“It is necessary to continue advancing in the fight for equality, a fight that our players have led with determination, leading us to the position that we find ourselves in today.

“We also call on the National Sports Council [CSD] so that, within its powers, it actively supports and promotes prevention and intervention in the face of sexual harassment or abuse, machismo and sexism.”

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