Spurs fans stunned after foul on Ndombele does not win a penalty

Tottenham supporters left stunned after foul on Tanguy Ndombele inside the box does not even get reviewed by VAR… with furious fans claiming that Jose Mourinho’s side ‘have been absolutely robbed’

  • Tanguy Ndombele appeared to be denied a blatant penalty kick for Tottenham
  • He appeared to be obstructed after nutmegging a Dinamo Zagreb defender 
  • Despite strong claims of a penalty, fans were left stunned after no VAR review
  • Two goals from Harry Kane helped Spurs win the Europa League last 16 first leg

Tottenham fans were left baffled after Tanguy Ndombele was denied a seemingly blatant penalty kick during their Europa League tie against Dinamo Zagreb.

The incident occurred during the second half of the clash at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with Jose Mourinho’s men already a goal up following a 25th minute strike from Harry Kane.

But Spurs could have had an excellent chance to double their lead from 12 yards just after the break during the first leg of the last-16 clash.

Tanguy Ndombele looked like he had strong claims for a penalty appeal after being fouled

Ndombele was inside the penalty box when he attempted a step over to get past his marker Lovro Majer in the 51st minute.

The Frenchman’s skills saw him nutmeg the defender only for him to seemingly be denied passage to run onto the ball by blatant instruction.

But incredibly despite strong claims for a penalty appeal, VAR technology was not even consulted about the incident as play was allowed to go on, with Spurs going on to win 2-0 following another Kane goal.

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho was incensed as he confronted the fourth official after the foul, but it still failed to lead to a review despite the midfielder needing minor treatment.

But despite being blocked by Dinamo’s Lovro Majer there was no VAR review for the incident

Ndombele reacts following the challenge during the Europa League last-16 clash

After watching a replay, TV pundit and former Tottenham striker Clive Allen remarked: ‘[It was] certainly obstruction, he played a step-over through the legs. He’s in on goal as well,’ before commentator Peter Drury replied with a baffled expression, saying: ‘Surely it has got to be checked [by VAR]’.

Spurs fans reacted with fury on social media with one left frustrated by the inconsistencies of VAR by saying: ‘VAR is in our game yet this wasn’t given as a pen, not even looked at… someone make it make sense’.

A fan account of the club claimed Jose Mourinho’s side were robbed after saying: ‘THFC have been absolutely robbed. Tanguy Ndombele should have a penalty after being fouled in the box’.

One fan stated that while the contact was soft, there was no doubt it was still a foul, saying: ‘That is a penalty. Soft, but it is a foul all day long. No touch on the ball, all the contact on Ndombele?’ 

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho was incensed as he confronts the fourth official after the foul

Another jokingly replied they wanted an interview with American TV personality Oprah Winfrey to show their dismay.

‘Why is that challenge on Ndombele not a penalty in this era of madness? I demand an interview with Oprah to express my angst!’

While another fan suggested the Frenchman should have gone down immediately to win the spot-kick.

‘Because Ndombele didn’t go down immediately and tried to get to the ball. You literally have to make a scene to get a penalty nowadays, no wonder every footballer rolls on the floor for a couple of minutes when they are fouled.’

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