Steve McManaman lifts lid on Real Madrid WhatsApp group chat with Galacticos

Steve McManaman has revealed there is a Real Madrid WhatsApp group where the legendary Galacticos still chat.

McManaman left Liverpool for sunny Spain in 1999, where he enjoyed four seasons among some of the greatest stars to ever grace the game. His spell with Los Blancos coincided with Florentino Perez's new 'Galacticos' approach – whereby he successfully signed football's most glamorous names.

The Merseyside hero therefore got to befriend and share the pitch with the likes of Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo. And he revealed he is still in touch with them on 'Quickly Kevin, Will He Score? The 90s Football Show podcast'.

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When asked if he still messages other Real Madrid legends, he said: “There is a WhatsApp group, yeah. [With] everyone really."

He added: "And a lot of the players I didn’t play with – a lot of the old players, if that makes sense. And I still play in the old boys, the veterans games, the legends games, whatever you want to call it. I still go over to play.

"I still go over to Madrid a lot. I’m a La Liga ambassador so I go over and see a lot of my ex-teammates. I was speaking to Luis (Figo) the other day – I still speak to him a lot, he still lives in Madrid so when I’m in Madrid I catch up with a lot of people. But yeah, there’s a lot of players in the WhatsApp group."

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The Quickly Kevin hosts asked if any of the Galacticos in the WhatsApp group were jokers or if they were as serious as they were about their football.

He replied: “They were all great, to be very honest. The more professional these players are, the more relaxed they are, I always feel, because they’re so confident in what they do.

“People used to say to me, ‘Oh, what’s he like? Were there any egos? What was he like?’ And I used to just go, ‘They were brilliant’.

"Luis was fantastic, Zizou (Zidane) was amazing – he was quiet because when he entered the dressing room he only spoke French and Italian, so he was sort of the lonely person trying to seek solace in a French speaking player.

"When Ronaldo came in he was, of course, a bundle of energy, a breath of fresh air, always with a smile on his face. He’s a fantastic character. But the most important thing, there were no egos. Everyone got on really well."

McManaman added: "And they all knew that we’ll have a laugh and a joke but as soon as we cross over the white line, it’s business, and that was the attitude that they all had.

"So I always find it quite easy to play with the better, more professional players because you don’t need to tell them. They know when to mess around and they know when to turn it on.”

McManaman went on to say that he "adored" many of the staff who still work at the club, including kit men, physios and their families.

He explained that while he was rooting for a Liverpool win in the last Champions League final, largely because they were due a win, he was happy to see his old friends celebrating because he knew they would get a bonus.


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