Sunderland boss has head in his hands struggling to remember old name for sweets

Sunderland manager Tony Mowbray briefly appeared inconsolable when he could not remember what Mentos were called.

The former Premier League boss found himself in that extremely frustrating situation many people find themselves in at least once a day. Mowbray, perched, child-like at his press conference desk, guzzled down on rainbow Mentos before the questions were fired at him.

The 59-year-old became a nine-year-old at heart when confronted by the rainbow Mentos. Unfortunately, his childhood memories completely departed him when he was trying to remember what Mentos were called.

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It was one of the very rare occasions Mowbray was the one asking the questions at his own press conference. “What did we used to call them,” Mowbray asked, through the noise of chewing.

“They were never Mentos Fanta were they, they were erm…” he added, before he seemingly tried to jump-start the cogs and levers of his long term memory. Working in overdrive, he tensed and forced his brain in what can only be described as sheer, utter, determination.

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Unfortunately, the name did not come into his mind, leaving him with his head firmly in his own hands. Alas, the ex-West Bromwich manager was never one for giving up. “Come on, what did they used to call them,” he demanded of the journalists at Sunderland, who may well have been trying to figure out their answer.

As all of the best managerial tacticians do best, Mowbray abandoned his initial thinking strategy and instead opted to try and trigger the sensual memory of the other scribblers at the conference. “Here, try one of them and tell me what they remind you of,” Mowbray demanded.

“I used to have loads of them as a kid, they used to come in different colours,” Mowbray said while possibly trying to trigger some hidden childhood memories. One member of the press said “Spangles, yes I remember, but these are not Spangles.”

Like all great discussions, time ran its course and Mowbray, unenlightened by the name of his childhood sweets, slammed the packed down and said “let’s do it” firing the starting gun for the questions. Unfortunately, it is currently unknown to us, and quite possibly to Mowbray, what sweets he was thinking of.


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