Teenager stabbed to death signed up and made FIFA 21 player 15 years on

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A former Queens Park Rangers academy star – who was stabbed to death 15 years ago – has been added to FIFA and re-signed by his former side on the anniversary of his death.

Kiyan Prince, who was 15 at the time of his death, was trying to break up a fight at his school when he was stabbed in the heart.

And now, 15-years-on, his memory is still alive and well as the ex-footballing hopeful has been added to FIFA and made into a trading card as part of the Match Attax series.

As of May 18, on Xbox, gamers can play as Prince on FIFA, and May 19 on Play Station.

"Young people need to know – this guy is in the game. And when we go on here, we can go onto his organisation and we can come out of gangs if we’ve got trouble, we can contact the foundation.

"That’s what it’s all about," Prince's father told the Metro.

His father, Dr Mark Prince OBE – who is a former professional boxer – set up the Kiyan Prince Foundation to honour his sons legacy, and in 2019 QPR renamed their stadium to the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium.

However, Dr Prince has admitted it's been difficult seeing his son in the game due to his realism.

Kiyan's friends and family worked closely with EA Sports – FIFA's developers – to ensure the character's likeness would be that to a now 30-year-old Prince.

His character was created by Framestore, who produced CGI for Avengers: Endgame, using a combination of advanced deep fake technology and photo-real illustration.

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  • Dr Prince added: "Really this is bigger than me, bigger than Kiyan. The focus is what young people are going to get out of this.

    "‘I’m hoping [funding] will allow us to collaborate education sectors, employment sectors, counselling, trauma, all these areas to help young people. We want to grow and show how you can change lives."

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