Terry reveals Mourinho told him and Cahill to 'f*** off'

John Terry reveals Jose Mourinho told him and Gary Cahill to ‘f*** off’ and warned he would ‘go and sign Raphael Varane’ after they struggled in pre-season training with Chelsea

  • Terry has opened up on an incident in training during Mourinho’s second spell
  • He revealed the then Chelsea boss called him out in front of the whole squad
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John Terry has revealed Jose Mourinho told him and Gary Cahill to ‘f*** off’ and threatened to go and buy Raphael Varane from Real Madrid midway through a pre-season training session.

Terry and Cahill were vital members of Chelsea’s defence during Mourinho’s second spell at Stamford Bridge between 2013 and 2015.

But the former Blues captain’s story on ex-Chelsea midfielder Jon Obi Mikel’s new podcast show the Portuguese boss was not afraid to call out his senior players in front of the rest of the squad. 

Mourinho organised a session in pre-season ahead of the 2015-16 season, where defenders had to pass through midfield, and Terry recalled the moment when him and Cahill were blasted by the Chelsea manager for their performance in the drill.

Chelsea had just won the Premier League under Mourinho and Terry and Cahill were captain and vice-captain, respectively, at the time.

John Terry has recalled the moment him and Gary Cahill were called out by Jose Mourinho

Terry said Mourinho had told them to ‘f*** off’ and threatened to sign Raphael Varane midway through a training session

Terry and Cahill were Chelsea captain and vice-captain, respectively, when the incident happened


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‘We’d signed a few new big players and he did this possession game where me and Gaz are playing the ball into midfield and there’s no space to play but you had to go through midfield to get to the other third,’ Terry said.

‘Me and Gaz are feeding it in, it is getting intercepted, we’re conceding goals and he stops the session.

‘I’m the captain and Gaz is vice-captain, we’d just won the league the year before and he goes “you two, you can f*** off. I’ll go and sign Varane and another top defender in the world for £100million and you two can sit on the bench and watch them”.

‘Me and Gaz are like “f****** hell we won the league last year! We couldn’t believe it.

‘Then we looked at each other and thought ‘game on’. I promise you for the rest of the session, all me and Gaz did was kick absolute lumps out of everyone. 

‘The level in training went up and the new players went “oh my god, he’s just battered the captain and vice-captain. He’s in charge. 

‘Afterwards he put his arm around me and Gaz walking off the pitch and said to us “that’s why you are my captain and vice-captain.”

French star Varane was at Real Madrid and was one of the world’s top defenders at the time.

Mourinho ultimately failed to follow through with his threat and did not sign a centre-back in that summer’s transfer window.

It unravelled for the Blues favourite shortly after as he was sacked by Chelsea in December 2015 with the Blues a point clear of the relegation zone. 

Raphael Varane was at Real Madrid and was considered one of the best in the world at the time


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