‘The World Cup is stained’: Roy Keane hits out over Qatar human-rights issues ahead of final

It is not the first time that the former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland captain has been critical of the decision to stage the World Cup in Qatar.

During Argentina’s shock group-stage loss to Saudi Arabia, 51-year-old Keane said: “The World Cup shouldn’t be here. It shouldn’t be here.

“[There’s] the corruption regarding [global football governing body] Fifa, [and] you’ve got a country, the way they treat migrant workers, gay people.

“They shouldn’t have the World Cup here. You can’t treat people like that. We all love football, we love soccer, we’re on about spreading the game. Just to dismiss human rights flippantly because of a football tournament… it’s not right.

“The bottom line is we are talking about common decency, how you treat people. Football, the greatest sport in the world, there is so much money involved; there will be corruption. But let’s get back to basics, you have to treat people with decency. It should start and finish with that.”

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