Tottenham fan waves Israel flag during clash against Fulham

Tottenham fans pictured waving Israel flags during their clash against Fulham despite Premier League ban amid Palestine conflict

  • A Tottenham fan was seen waving an Israel flag during their game vs Fulham 
  • The Premier League had banned Israel and Palestine flags at games last week
  • Tottenham had also urged supporters not to bring the flags to Monday’s game 

A Tottenham fan was pictured holding an Israel flag during the side’s Premier League clash against Fulham on Monday.

In total, Mail Sport’s reporters counted 14 Israel flags inside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and also overheard pro-Israel shouts among members of the crowd.

Both Spurs and the Premier League had issued bans on fans bringing national flags of Israel and Palestine into the ground.

It comes amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas militant group that has claimed the lives of many civilians. 

Clubs around the Premier League have been paying their respects to the lives that have been lost by observing a minute’s silence, while players have been wearing black arm bands too. 

A Tottenham fan was seen holding an Israel flag during Spurs’ Premier League clash vs Fulham

It comes as the Premier League and EFL had banned fans from bringing Israel and Palestine flags to stadiums this weekend amid the ongoing conflict

On Monday, both Tottenham and Fulham observed a moment of silence ahead of the game.  

The Premier League and EFL had consulted a security firm before making the decision last week to stop fans from bringing flags from the two nations into the ground, amid concerns the flags could spark trouble. 

The decision came just two days after the Football Association also banned supporters from bringing flags into Wembley, ahead of England’s victory against Italy last Monday. 

The FA had recently drawn criticism for their decision not to light the Wembley Arch in the colours of the Israel flag, with some branding it ‘spineless’. 

Despite the bans, an Israel flag was also seen at Wembley last week during the match and stewards had approached the supporter to remove it from them. 

Both Tottenham and Fulham observed a minute’s silence ahead of the match with the players also wearing black arm bands to show their respects to those who have lost their lives 

Tottenham had also released a statement to fans last week, urging them not to bring the flags to the stadium

Tottenham, who can maintain their position at the top of the Premier League with a victory against Fulham, had also issued a statement to supporters urging them not to bring flags into the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

‘The club has always considered that a football match is a time to show allegiance to a football team first and foremost,’ the club told supporters in an email.

‘A football match is not an appropriate arena to display flags of any political or religious affiliation or anything that could possibly be considered inflammatory – this can include national flags during times of political conflicts, campaigns or issues.

‘We fully appreciate the sensitivities involved and thank you for your cooperation on this matter – we kindly ask supporters not to put our stewards in a difficult position when attending matches.’

It comes as Palestine flags were held up at Anfield during this weekend’s Merseyside Derby while Celtic fans also held Palestine flags too during their game vs Hearts.  

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