UFC star and Liverpool fan Paddy Pimblett calls out "overrated" Bruno Fernandes

New UFC sensation Paddy 'the Baddy' Pimblett has called out Manchester United's star midfielder Bruno Fernandes as he brands him overrated.

Pimblett put the UFC lightweight on notice after he knocked out Luigu Vendrimani on his UFC debut as an undercard bout earlier this month.

The Baddy, who is a Liverpool native, was asked if he wanted to call out anyone after the bout, when he jokingly said Instagram before calling them 'lizards'.

And Fernandes has now joined that list, with Pimblett naming him as the Premier League player he would like to step into the octagon with the most.

When promoted who he'd face Pimblett told the BBC: "I'd probably pick one for each team, but I reckon just because he's so overrated, Bruno Fernandes.

"No he's not world-class – I don't think anyone in that United team is world-class apart from [Cristiano] Ronaldo.

"Paul Pogba is not world-class," he Pimblett added when speaking about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's squad.

"He can't play well for two games and then bad for three and be called world-class. If he was consistent, he'd be world-class all day."

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Pimblett, who is a Liverpool fan, continued to speak about his team: "I've been through some dark days. I had a season ticket when [Roy] Hodgson was the manager and Henderson had just signed.

"I used to call Jordan Henderson 'Jordan horrendous-on' because he was bad. But now he's unbelievable, people just don't perform the same without him on the pitch. He is captain fantastic.

"Obviously [Steven] Gerrard was 10 times a better player than him, it goes without saying, but as a captain, I think Henderson is the better captain."

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