USWNT will earn $270k per player if they win the World Cup this summer

REVEALED: United States women will earn $270,000 per player if they win the World Cup this summer… as FIFA prepare to dish out $150MILLION to the competing teams

  • Winners of the tournament will earn $300k more this World Cup than in 2019 
  • The $4.29m given to the winners pales in comparison to Argentina’s $42m prize 
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With weeks to go until the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, the teams taking part in the tournament will earn significantly more in 2023 than they did in 2019.

According to FIFA, the budget for prize money distributed to teams that qualified for their tournament has more than tripled from their previous tournament held in France.

FIFA will pay out a combined $152million through their performance-based fund, their club benefits program, and preparation money distributed to each nation.

This is comparatively much more than the $50m handed out to teams back in 2019.

The teams that stand to gain the most from this are those that do worse in the tournament – which can be seen as an effort to grow the game in areas that haven’t funded their women’s programs as much.

Members of the USWNT would take back $270k each if they won the 2023 World Cup

Prize money for the 2023 World Cup has increased three times since the 2019 tournament

While the prize for the champions has seen a gain of nearly $300,000, those who don’t win the title will be taking home bigger prizes than four years ago.

The runner-up will earn $415,000 more, the third-place finisher will earn $610k more, and fourth-place will be taking back $855k more than they would at the previous tournament.

Those that finish outside of the top four will also see a major increase – as quarterfinalists see a jump of $730k and those who don’t progress past the Round of 16 will get a boost of $870k.

Teams that made the tournament, but don’t progress past the group stage will get over $800k more this cycle than the previous one.

Women’s footballers in the group stage will earn $30k each, while the Round of 16 and quarterfinalists will take back $60k and $90k respectively.

Those in the top four will be earning six figures – with members of the fourth-place team each earning $165k. Third-place finishers will get $180k each.

Runners-up in the 2023 competition will earn $415k more than Holland did in 2019

While significant, this still pales in comparison to the $42m Argentina won in Qatar in 2022

As for the two finalists, the members of the winning team will take back $270k each while the runners-up will snag $195k. 

These are significant paydays for women’s footballers – who on average earn just $14,000 from their club contracts, according to FIFA.

For comparison, a study conducted by back in 2015 found that the average Premier League salary was £2.29m, the equivalent of £2.95m today or $3.67m.

While $152m in prize money is significant, it still lags behind the men’s game. In Qatar last year, FIFA distributed $440m in prize money – with Argentina taking home $42m in prize money for winning the tournament.

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