VAR chaos strikes again as West Brom are bizarrely denied a goal

VAR chaos strikes AGAIN as West Brom are bizarrely denied a goal against Southampton due to officials being unable to draw a ‘definitive line’ through Mbaye Diagne’s body… despite striker appearing clearly onside before scoring

  • West Brom were denied a goal against Southampton after yet more VAR chaos
  • Mbaye Diagne steered home from close range but the offside flag was raised 
  • VAR replays showed, however, that Diagne was narrowly onside before netting 
  • But the decision to disallow it was kept due to a failure to draw a ‘definitive line’ 

West Brom found themselves on the wrong end of yet more VAR controversy in their clash with Southampton after a goal was incredibly ruled out for offside.

Mbaye Diagne steered home a close-range header to edge the hosts into the lead at the Hawthorns – but a lengthy check by the technology then chalked it off.

Replays showed Diagne apparently onside, however, despite the linesman’s raised flag, and it was soon revealed that VAR were unable to ‘draw a definitive line’.

West Brom were denied a goal against Southampton despite Mbaye Diagne appearing onside

The explanation behind the decision was given to Sky Sports during the first half.

It was revealed that, due to the ‘positioning of the camera’, a ‘definitive line’ could not be drawn through Diagne’s body.

Because of this, the on-field decision, which called offside, was kept.  

Diagne steered home a header after four minutes at the Hawthorns before VAR chaos struck

It was revealed that due to a failure to draw a ‘definitive line’ to check, the on-field call was kept

Confusion reigned supreme at the ground with Kyle Bartley and ace Diagne both stood around Jannik Vestergaard when Darnell Furlong struck hard across goal.

Bartley was caught offside, as shown in multiple angles, but team-mate Diagne looked as though he had moved back level in time.

Sky Sports’ commentator, Don Goodman, said: ‘He has yellow boots on, so we can see both boots.

‘Vestergaard’s back leg is clearly playing Diagne onside. I really don’t understand that.’

Diagne moved away to celebrate after reacting from close range to meet Darnell Furlong’s ball

But West Brom ace Diagne was robbed of the effort after VAR’s failing was incredibly laid bare

His belief was vehemently echoed by former West Brom forward Kevin Campbell during his analysis at half-time

‘To be honest, I’ve had enough of VAR and the way it’s been officiated,’ Campbell admitted. ‘That was a perfectly good goal.

‘The fact that West Brom have scored two goals has got the linesman and the officials out of jail. For me, it’s a disgrace.’ 

Jamie Carragher took a closer look and insisted that incidents of that nature are ‘what you want VAR for’.

Matheus Pereira (left) netted from the penalty spot as West Brom entered the break in the lead

‘He’s onside, I have no doubt,’ Carragher added. ‘You look at the feet, yes, but you can’t see the shoulder of Diagne in the middle. 

‘My problem with this is that you don’t know, no one knows. There’s more evidence that he’s onside. That’s what I’d like to see the goal being given in that situation.’ 

West Brom’s sense of injustice rapidly disappeared, though, after goals from Matheus Pereira and Matt Phillips gave them a comfortable lead at the break. 

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