Worst football draw gaffes ever after unforgivable Champions League car crash

Monday's Champions League draw was forced to be redone following a pair of mistakes involving the balls containing Manchester United.

Firstly, the Red Devils were drawn against Villarreal, who they were meant to be blocked from playing due to the two sides being in the same group.

United went on to be drawn against Paris Saint-Germain before a second mistake was revealed, with United not included in the draw for Atletico Madrid's opponents.

The second draw later went off without a hitch as United were drawn against Spanish champions Atletico, while PSG will now face the daunting task of a tie against Real Madrid.

Following UEFA's double mistake on Monday, here are four more of the worst football draw gaffes ever.

Drunk Tony Adams

Arsenal legend Tony Adams once conducted an FA Cup draw while drunk, according to former teammate Ray Parlour's autobiography.

Parlour recalls how Adams appeared next to Terry Venables while "swaying – shirt hanging out, trainers, a right scruff."

As for the draw, Adams mistook the number 13 ball for number 31, which was not included in the draw, before being told to take a closer look.

Rod Stewart

Far more amusing than Monday's Champions League errors, singer and Celtic fan Rod Stewart assisted with the draw for the fifth round of the Scottish Cup back in 2017.

The only issue was that, like Adams, Stewart did so while drunk, as he flamboyantly picked teams out of the hat.

After cheering when he drew Celtic, he later confused number six, Greenock Morton, with number nine, Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

The draw still makes for hilarious viewing four years on.

Carabao Cup

Since becoming the Carabao Cup in 2017, the League Cup has struggled with a number of issues during its draws.

These have included teams being picked twice and technical problems causing the live streams of the draws being delayed for viewers at home.

As a result, one draw for the competition in 2019 was held in a Morrisons supermarket in London in a bizarre event.

Carabao's chief marketing officer later explained the decision by saying: “We sell lots of our great tasting low sugar energy drinks in supermarkets, so we thought why not let football fans watch the draw whilst stocking up on Carabao?”

Lynsey Hipgrave

Although a re-draw was not required, BT Sport presenter Lynsey Hipgrave did take to social media to apologise for a mistake she made during the 2017/18 FA Cup semi-final draw.

Hipgrave had wrongly claimed that Manchester United would be taking on Chelsea at Wembley for a spot in the final, instead of their actual opponents Tottenham Hotspur.

Writing on Twitter after the draw, Hipgrave said: "That's live tv, not my first mistake and certainly won't be my last. Really sorry. Just checking you were all listening."

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