Wrexham trio share what Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are like

Wrexham stars Mark Howard, Elliot Lee and Ollie Palmer have opened up on what it is really like to play under Hollywood owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in a revealing interview. The trio have all been signed by the famous pair of actors, and have spoken on their experiences working with the celebs, who became owners in 2021.

McElhenney decided to pursue ownership of the club two years ago after watching ‘Sunderland Till I Die’ during the Covid-19 lockdowns, eventually convincing Reynolds to get involved with him. After identifying and successfully purchasing Wrexham, they came with immediate plans to guide them out of the National League and turn them into a sustainable EFL club.

McElhenney and Reynolds have seemingly become much-loved figures in the city, making numerous trips to the Racecourse Ground this season, which is being documented on Disney Plus’ Welcome to Wrexham Season 2.

But many have wondered what the two are truly like to work for, and maybe more interestingly, how much they genuinely care about the club.

Elliot Lee said: “It’s so unique. I was at Charlton last year, and that was an absolute circus. Coming here was like a breathe of fresh air because the owners actually care, they both really care. They’re having fun. They actually love it, they both go out their way to speak to us.”

Palmer answered the question that many have been wondering, when he said: “People say it’s all for show, it’s not. It’s great to have them and they make a huge effort with everyone.

“They’ve bought us a new state of the art gym facility, and it’s incredible – they’re just doing everything the right way.”

Howard spoke about whether filming of the documentary gets in the way. He said: “Not really, you get used to it and they are professional. We all just get on with it and it’s not a distraction.”

Howard also told a story about when he signed for Wrexham, Reynolds called him and he presumed it to be a prank call.

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