Bets and boobs OnlyFans jockey has won fans four years worth of subscriptions

Former jockey Libby Hopwood has stormed to OnlyFans stardom thanks to her unique blend of "bets and boobs."

It's not often an adult content-creator is so focused on making money on behalf of their subscribers, after all. But ex-Sky presenter Hopwood has revealed her horse racing tips would have paid for more than four years' worth of subscriptions to her channel for anyone smart enough to have taken her up.

"On Monday's, I do a roundup to make sure I remain accountable," tweeted the Australian. "ROI [return on investment] is 21 per cent at the moment, which is 4.3 YEARS of subscription. . .pretty good value. Also have closed captioning for some awesome deaf fans."

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Assuming her fans backed each of Hopwood's tips at $10AUD (£5.51), that equates to a net profit of $1,143AUD (£629) since her channel went live. That alone is incentive enough to pay the $15AUD monthly subscription fee, regardless of Hopwood's other content.

The 36-year-old has extensive experience in horse racing and was one of Australia's top jockeys before a 2014 injury forced her retirement from the sport. However, she's succeeded in sculpting a second career while maintaining those links with her past.

Hopwood's OnlyFans bio is testament to her objective of earning fans more bang for their buck "My absolute goal is to earn you more money than it takes to subscribe and keep you titillated with sexy implied photos along the way," it reads.

"Bets and Boobs! Here you’ll find thoroughbred racing tips presented in a blazer…and not much else! Keep an eye out for my videos with info for punters and other tongue-in-cheek content."

It was reported in August 2022 that more than 1.5million content creators were registered with OnlyFans, which is understood to have a total user base of more than 170million. It's rare for an account to help subscribers pay for their own fees, however, making Hopwood something of a hero among her loyal followers.

The horse-racing seer sticks out in the crowd for that reason, giving fans the opportunity to make money while they spend it. Hopwood is one of very few on the platform who can boast a subscription pays for itself, broadcasting her top-tier tips for the world to see.


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