Injured jockey Brendan Sweeney out of coma and talking after race fall in Darwin

Seriously injured jockey Brendan Sweeney’s condition has improved to such a degree that he is talking and even swore at a nurse in hospital on Wednesday.

Racenet can report positive and promising news on the condition of Sweeney, involved in a horror three-horse fall in Darwin in June.

After weeks in an induced coma and in intensive care with bleeding on the brain and other injuries, Sweeney’s condition has improved enough for him to be transferred from Darwin to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

With his brother and daughter by his side, Sweeney is aware of his surroundings and is talking.

He faces a lengthy rehabilitation period but the signs are promising.

“They removed the tracheostomy tube yesterday and he is showing movement and talking to some extent,” Kevin Ring, of the Australian Jockeys’ Association, said.

“He even swore at one of the nurses yesterday, he hasn’t forgotten his vocabulary.

“The fact he is talking is great, he acknowledges his family.

“His brain bleed never got any worse so they didn’t have to operate.

“It is still early days but his recovery is looking promising.

“There are good signs.”

The aftermath of the fall at Darwin Turf Club last month.Source:Supplied

Sweeney was involved in a horror Darwin fall which occurred when Kim Gladwin’s mount Ogrim appeared to go amiss as the field rounded the final bend, bringing down Jarrod Todd on Ranceski and Sweeney on The Unknown.

Todd, severely bruised in the fall, has resumed riding again, while Gladwin, who suffered concussion and fractured ribs, has returned home from hospital.

Grave fears were initially held for Sweeney but his recovery is now progressing well.

Before being transferred to Adelaide from Royal Darwin Hospital, Sweeney had been in an induced coma and suffered a complication from his injuries.

“Before he left Darwin they took the ventilator and life support off him and he was good for a day until he started to get some congestion in his lungs and then he got a bit of pneumonia,” Ring said.

“They got him through that and then did a tracheostomy and they got him transferred to Royal Adelaide once they could.

“When he was in hospital in Darwin they took him in and out of the induced coma a few times.

“He had severe concussion but everything is starting to look promising now.”

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