Paramedic describes tragic battle to save life of cricket legend Shane Warne

A paramedic who battled in vain to treat cricket legend Shane Warne has explained how the Australian icon's friends tried to revive him as he lay dying in his Thailand holiday villa.

The 52-year-old died just after he had ordered both a new suit and a Thai masseuse to his residence according to local police.

It is believed that Warne had complained of chest pains while still in Australia before he left for the island of Ko Samui with close friends for a week-long holiday.

Paramedic Anuch Han-iam revealed to the Sun that the cricket titan was already unresponsive by the time medical help had arrived to his resort at 5pm local time on Friday night.

"Shane’s friends were already trying to bring him back to life," he explained.

"I took over doing CPR while we waited for an ambulance. They were desperate. I think one was crying. They were really stressed and panicked.

"They kept trying to wake him and I heard someone saying, ‘Come on, Shane. Come on, Shane’.

"I could see they were all shocked and I just tried to concentrate and do my best. There were about four or five other people in the room. All men, there were no women.

Han-iam went on to explain how from the looks of Warne's villa, there was no sign that would suggest any kind of heavy partying had taken place.

"The villa was clean and I didn’t see any beer or cigarettes inside.

"There was nothing unusual that made me think they’d been partying. I didn’t know when I arrived that it was Shane Warne. But I know who he is, he’s a star.

"I did my best for him and gave all my energy. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t help him."

Colonel Sirisombat of the local police force had confirmed that Warne's family had told the authorities he had reported health problems before he travelled.

"He had asthma and had seen a doctor about his heart. We learned from his family that he had experienced chest pains when he was back home," Sirisombat added.

Police also confirmed that no alcohol or drugs were found inside Warne's room.

They have already ruled out any kind of foul-play and are not thought to be treating the death as suspicious.

“So far, no suspicious issue found from the investigations," he confirmed.

Some blood stains could be found on the floor, but it is unclear if they stemmed from the failed CPR attempts or another medical issue.

Warne's ex-wife and actress Liz Hurley commented on the passing of her former husband by saying: "I feel like the sun has gone behind a cloud forever."

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