Po-Palestine protester pitch invades World Cup final

Cricket World Cup final hit by pro-Palestine protester as pitch invader approaches India superstar Virat Kohli before being whisked away by security

  • Cricket World Cup final was hit by a pitch invader on Sunday 
  • Pro-Palestine supporter approached Virat Kohli 
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A pro-Palestine supporter found his way onto the pitch at the Cricket World Cup final and approached Virat Kohli before being removed by security.

Australia’s clash with India was disrupted after a man wearing a ‘FREE PALESTINE’ t-shirt entered the field of play in Ahmedabad, where 130,000 fans were in attendance for the big game.

The pitch invader also wore a green, red, white and black facemask and made his way towards Kohli. 

He was apprehended by security, removed from the field and play resumed.

Protests against the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas have been widespread since Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7. 

A pitch invader entered the field of play during the Cricket World Cup final on Sunday

The intruder wore a ‘free Palestine’ t-shirt and approached India superstar Virat Kohli

He was apprehended by security before being removed from the field of play

Around 1,200 people were killed while more than 200 soldiers and civilians, including children and women, were taken to Gaza as hostages.

In response, over 11,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by the Israeli military, according to the health ministry in Gaza – which is run by Hamas. 

There have been calls for an immediate ceasefire, with approximately 300,000 people converging on London in a rally for Gaza earlier this month. 

It is not the first time a pitch invader has disrupted Australia vs India at this tournament. Last month, infamous British prankster Jarvo 69 – real name Daniel Jarvis – entered the field of play wearing an India kit. He also approached Kohli. 

Jarvis’s antics caused the ECB to launch a security review in 2021 when he disrupted three consecutive Test matches between England and India. 

The BBC also carried out an investigation this year after Jarvis managed to get into Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Molineux stadium and tape a mobile to furniture on set.

Jarvis then called the phone from his home, with its ringtone – noises from a porn clip – sounding as Gary Lineker introduced the live FA Cup match between Wolves and Liverpool to an audience of millions.

The embarrassing moaning noises began shortly after the Match of the Day’s coverage started on BBC1, leaving the pundits visibly confused and viewers incredulous, especially those watching with children.

Lineker said afterwards that it was a ‘good prank’ and quite amusing, and that the BBC should not have to apologise. But the fact Jarvis was able to get on to a set and plant a phone raises major security questions over the corporation’s outside broadcasts.

Jarvis, from Gravesend, Kent, has been arrested on multiple occasions for his pitch invasions.

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