Racehorse rescued from fire after course escape and causing havoc on motorway

A horse named Bold And Bossy has survived a second terrifying ordeal, hours after bolting out of a racecourse onto a motorway.

The juvenile filly, who went viral after she escaped from Ellis Park on Saturday, was rescued from a barn fire in the early hours of Sunday.

Trained by Michael Ann Ewing, the two-year-old as one of seven horses to be brought out of the facility at the venue in Kentucky, US.

The blaze, which began at around 4am, was described as "electrical in nature" according to the track's general manager Jeff Inman.

At the time Bold And Bossy, who unshipped jockey Miguel Mena before a race and found her way to the Interstate 69 road, was recovering from her exertions.

Sadly she suffered some burns in the fire, but is expected to make a full recovery.

"This morning, we got a call from our vet [Dr. Morgan]: 'The receiving barn was burning down. We know someone got your filly out, but we can't find her,'" Ewing told BloodHorse.

"We found out she was in Eddie Kenneally's barn. It was very dark this morning to see, but the filly is burned over her neck, shoulders, withers, and back.

"It's amazing, who knew – you think leaving her overnight is for the best, then there is a barn fire. How much worse can it be?"

Bold And Bossy had spent around 30 minutes galloping towards traffic on the motorway, before being caught.

Footage of the incident, which saw her run in excess of six miles on the concrete, was shared thousands of times on social media.

Trainers Wes Hawley and Jack Hancock gave chase in their cars, as blinkers prevented the young horse from seeing either side of her.

Bold And Bossy is being treated at a local equine hospital, located in an air-conditioned stall receiving fluids and dedicated care from vets.

After her first lucky escape, Ewing said: "Remarkably, she was not hit, killing herself or anyone else. She grabbed a quarter, but not bad at all. She lost a couple of shoes; she ran more than six miles.

"Thanks to the great community of horsemen and Ellis Park vets and communications directors, people were calling me, letting me know where she was headed. Meanwhile, numerous people jumped in trucks to try and find her."

Dozens of racing fans commented on the breakaway, before she was set to make her debut in the first contest on the card.

One said: "She doesn't want to escape, she got spooked. Then she was scared on the highway and wanted to go home to her barn, she was relieved when the trainer caught her."

Another added: "By the looks does not have a winning mentality, if it did it would have been in the fast lane. #win."

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