Andy Murray reveals intention to become a golf caddy or football coach

Andy Murray reveals intention to become a golf caddy or a qualified football coach once he retires from tennis as working in another sport ‘interests him’ – with three-time Grand Slam beset by persistent injury woes 

  • Andy Murray has struggled with several injuries in the last few tennis seasons 
  • The Briton has admitted he is looking into what he wants to do after retirement
  • Murray claims he would like to venture into golf caddying or football coaching
  • The 33-year-old owns a sports management company to help young athletes 

Andy Murray has revealed he is considering a career in golf caddying or football coaching when his tennis career comes to an end.

The two-time Wimbledon champion has struggled with injury in recent seasons and was forced to pull out of the Miami Open earlier this month due to a freak groin injury that he sustained during his sleep.

The 33-year-old now admits he could turn towards other sports when he hang up his racket for the final time and hopes to be the next crossover athlete across several disciplines. 

Andy Murray wants to become a golf caddy or a football coach when his tennis career ends

The 33-year-old is struggling with injury and had to pull out of the Miami Open last week

He told The Gentlemen’s Journal: ‘I love sport, so something that would interest me would be working in another sport. 

‘I really like golf, so being a caddie for example on the golf tour would be something I would find exciting. 

‘To be up close and personal to top golfers – and to learn about another sport like that – and maybe there’s some crossover between the two sports from the mental side and things, and so you might be able to help a golfer.

‘Or getting your coaching badges in football – that’s something that would be fun to do.’

Tennis star Murray played golf while rehabilitating from his hip operation at the start of 2019 

Murray has occasionally been spotted on a golf course since emerging as a public figure but admitted earlier on in his career he will treat the sport seriously until his time on a tennis court comes to an end. 

The Briton used golf as an important part of his rehabilitation from a hip operation towards the start of 2019, with his mother Judy also a fan of the sport. 

On the football side of things, the 33-year-old is a die-hard Arsenal fan despite admitting to supporting Scottish side Hibernian as a youngster. His older brother Jamie, also a professional tennis player, supports Manchester United. 

Murray is a big football fan and appeared in a 2020 Children in Need video with Peter Crouch

Murray’s other sporting involvement away from tennis is at executive level in his role as the company owner of 77 Sports Management, which advises young athletes early on in their sporting careers. 

The tennis star admitted that being signed up by management company as a teenager was one of the biggest mistakes of his career and now wants to make a positive impact in the industry himself. 

The Briton continued: ‘I don’t think that management companies [always] have the athletes’ best interests at heart.

‘And signing athletes at 12-13 suggests that they don’t because, you know, does a kid really need a pressure of one of the biggest management companies in world sport looking after them when they are 12-13? I don’t know if that’s the right message to send.’ 

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