Daniil Medvedev warns ‘one player will die’ in US Open heatwave

Speaking after the match, Medvedev said: “This and the Tokyo Olympic Games [were the worst conditions ever], it was brutal.

“The only good thing I see in these conditions is that both suffer. It’s tough for both of us.

“There were ups and downs but that’s so normal. At the end of the third set I kind of couldn’t see the ball anymore. I kind of played with sensations.

Daniil Medvedev has warned that one player ‘is going to die’ given the hot conditions in New York

“It seemed like he couldn’t run anymore, but he kept coming back. Super tough to win.”

Tournament organisers did impose extreme heat measures on Wednesday, but male players could only take a 10-minute break after the third set.


The only saving grace for the tournament on Thursday is that both women’s singles semi-finals take place under the lights in the evening, when conditions will have cooled.

That being said, one of the men’s singles semi-finals will take place from 3pm ET on Friday, again in the middle of the day.

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