Taylor Fritz shushes French Open fans booing in awkward moment

Taylor Fritz dumped the final remaining Frenchman Arthur Rinderkench out of the French Open on Thursday night in front of a hostile Roland Garros crowd. The American’s post-match interview was drowned out by a sea of boos as he shushed supporters before sarcastically claiming that they “love him”.

Fritz stomached everything the crowd hurled at him during the second-round clash as he triumphed 2-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 over four sets. The 25-year-old celebrated by placing his finger to his lips as the arena erupted into a cacophony of noise.

“The public was so great, they encouraged me so much that I absolutely wanted to win,” Fritz sarcastically quipped after the match. “I love you guys.”

He is now set to face Argentine Francisco Cerundolo in the third round on Saturday.

The World No8 has never made it past the third round at the Paris Grand Slam but is hoping to go all the way after finally finding consistency on clay. 

“I’ve had the best results on clay, for sure, this season,” he told assembled media. “Also, being a way higher seed the whole season in tournaments that I’ve been before definitely helps a lot too. You get more favourable draws.

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“But yeah, I’ve been definitely playing my best. I think the results could have been a lot better. I think I let a couple of matches that I should have won slip away from me, and it’s pretty disappointing. But the overall level consistently has been much higher than usual, I would say, on clay for me.”

He added: “Last year every single tournament I made semi-finals, and I won. Then this year it’s the opposite. I’m not having a lot of early exits. I’m seeing myself pretty deep in tournaments, consistently playing a lot better, I’d say. But yeah, I’ve just lost some of those later-stage matches this year. That wasn’t the case last year.

“So I just have to keep putting myself in these situations, and I’ll win some eventually, you know.”

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