Tennis star Kristie Ahn is winning self-isolation

Give up, everyone. Kristie Ahn has already won self-isolation.

As people search for ways to pass the time in coronavirus-enforced quarantine, they could do worse than grab a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the American tennis star’s Twitter timeline in all its glory.

World No. 96 Ahn has been beating the boredom and keeping her followers entertained with a series of TikTok videos that show she may well have a career in front of the camera whenever she chooses to walk away from tennis.

A mix of seriously weird, at times questionable but often hilarious content has been steadily filling her profile as the 27-year-old finds what may be her true calling in life — all while maintaining a safe distance from the nearest human.

Before we get into the myriad of crazy clips, normally lasting no longer than 15 seconds, Ahn has so graciously offered to the internet, special mention must go to her finest contribution that dropped during the week.

After alerting her followers that a “special project” was in the works, Ahn showed off her own coronavirus song and accompanying video clip in a parody of Lil Boosie’s Wipe Me Down, with the help of fellow pros Jamie Loeb and Evan King in the production department.

Wipe It Down

Lyrics by @EvanKingChicago
Concept by @jloeb308

Aussie tennis star Lizette Cabrera said on Twitter Ahn’s creation was “one of the best things to come out of quarantine” while American star and Ahn’s friend Nicole Gibbs joked: “I don’t know you.”

Other players have given Ahn a virtual thumbs up for her social media work. In response to a video many pros could obviously relate to, world No. 158 Sachia Vickery said she “felt this in my soul” while Alison Riske had a good laugh.


Among the plethora of videos have been Ahn’s imitation of an umpire dealing with a noisy crowd.

This one’s for the chair umpires who know how to handle a crowd

Ahn turning herself into a tennis ball.

Honestly I don’t think I will ever top this one. Ever.

Ahn getting all dressed up with nowhere to go because Wimbledon was cancelled

When you’re in denial that @Wimbledon is canceled ???

Ahn explaining why doubles tennis is not her go.

‘Why don’t you play doubles?’

Ahn traversing cross-cultural boundaries.

This one is for my Asian-Americans

Ahn maintaining being on Twitter all night is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Twitter is where it’s at tho ?

And whatever the heck this in.

I swear this makes more sense on TikTok ?

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